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Management Teams and Procedures

Success through strong in-house management

Every person hired within GMC goes through a thorough multi-step interview process. Once hired each employee is educated not only in the different aspects of property management but also in the GMC Mission. This is achieved by requiring all GMC employees to complete on-going education classes from Grace Hill, IREM, NAA and their local apartment association. Each employee understands our number one priority is to increase the value of our clients holding. We do this by maintaining quality living environments, improving our clients resident base and making continual improvements to our clients properties, all while increasing our clients bottom line.

Consistent procedures executed by qualified managers

30 years of experience has taught us that a Property Manager will define not only a property but the overall success of that property and staff. Qualified managers are selected based on their skills, background, and abilities to execute sound judgment. Once hired our goal is to mold that Manager into a lifelong GMC employee creating loyalty to both GMC and the property they operate. We accomplish this through continuing education, open communication and making sure we provide each Manager with the tools necessary for success.


The GMC Property Management operations manual defines step-by-step procedures for every area of residential property management to ensure uniformed performance throughout our managed communities. GMC currently uses Rent Push, a market-based rent analyzer, throughout its communities to maximize market rents.

Timely, accurate reports for owners

GMC delivers detailed management reports to owners by the 15th of every month. Reports are tailored to meet the needs and requirements of each owner. Through the use of AppFolio software, GMC is able to offer their clients, web-based on-time access to all necessary property reports.